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Bucket Fillers

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Bucket Fillers

Bucket Fillers

Bucketfillers is a once a month after-school club designed to teach children how to be positive, encouraging, friendly people to everyone they come in contact with. 

Below are the goals that we want to accomplish this year in Bucket Fillers. We will be doing activities with the students that emphasize these goals. After each meeting the student should be able to use something they learned to fill someone’s bucket either here at school or at home. 

  1.  To teach children how to reach out and express love, respect and appreciation to others.
  2. To help children become other-centered rather than self-centered.
  3. To help children express their feelings (good and bad) in a healthy manner.
  4. To help children understand where feelings originate and how to protect their feelings from being hurt.
  5. To establish a framework for more constructive words and actions and less bullying.
  6. To create a more positive home and school environments. 

 Contact Mrs. Voelkert for more information.