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D. A. R. E. to Resist Drugs and Violence


A Message from

Sheriff Greg Seabolt about D.A.R.E. 
          Since 1987, the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office has been pleased to provide this valuable course of instruction to all Randolph County Fifth grade students.  Project D.A.R.E. is a cooperative effort between the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office and the Randolph County Board of Education.  Project D.A.R.E. is a program designed to teach the students how to “SAY NO” to illegal drugs and pressures placed upon them by peers, based upon reason rather than internal and external forces. 

          Project D.A.R.E. teaches the children how to weigh negative and positive consequences, how to build good self-esteem, recognize and deal with peer type pressures and much more.  These are all very important factors that the child will face in the upcoming years that will surely have an influence on his or her life.  We must not lose sight of our younger generation.  As the saying goes, “Our young people of today will be our leaders of tomorrow.”  Let us join together and afford them the vital opportunity they need to live in a drug free society.  This is project D.A.R.E.  Thank you for your support.

                                                                    Greg Seabolt

                                                             Sheriff of Randolph County