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LEGOS for Literacy
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Thursday, April 12, 2018
LEGOS for Literacy
LEGOS for Literacy
LEGO Creation Station in the Media Center

This isn't your ordinary LEGO Station; it's a LEGOS For Literacy Creation Station!

In the LEGOS Creation Station, students develop their writing, speaking, vocabulary, communication and literacy skills by creating LEGO storyboards and then write and practice oral storytelling based on their creations. The Media Center is a vibrant space where students engage in a variety of learning activities that prepare them to become creative, confident, literate, 21st-century world citizens. 

Students love their time spent in the Media Center each week. There are several different 'enviroments' within the Media Center that allow for several activities to be going on at the same time. Students spend time reading, reading aloud, discussing current literature, collaborating on digital problem-solving activities on Chromebooks, and working on projects that reinforce curriculum addressed in the classroom, and so much more.

Having a LEGO Creation station in the Media Center, along with individual building squares, an Early Simple Machines Set, and Simple Machines Set for students to use during lessons will give our students the opportunity to improve their literacy skills in a hands-on, engaging, fun  environment. There is even a set of LEGO SuperHeros to add to the mix!

*Any and all donations of LEGOS will be accepted and appreciated!

Contact Mrs. Beeson, Media Coordinator
Archdale Elementary School

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