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1st Grade Teacher, NCEMAoL
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Office Hours Thursday 2:45-3:45

Spelling Homework  

Spelling/Vocabulary Homework  

We will be using the Wordly Wise book for our spelling and vocabulary work this year.  Each lesson in the book will last 2 weeks.  The first week, we will focus on spelling and the second week; we will focus on the meaning of each word.  At the beginning of each week you are to copy down your spelling words in your planner.

Spelling Contract
You will have a spelling contract the first week in which you may pick and choose the assignments you would like to complete. Please notice some assignments are worth more points than others. When the contract is turned in on Friday the total number of points that you have earned will be multiplied by two to calculate your spelling homework grade. For example if you earned 45pts then your grade would be a 90, if you earned 60pts then your grade would be a 120. The best way to do this is to choose an assignment each night, saving it all for Thursday night is too much work! You will take a spelling test on the words on Friday.  Good Luck! 
* Please remember to take time to spell your words correctly, so that you will not lose hard earned points.
Assignment Choices: 
20pts...Write a story that contains all of your spelling words. Be sure to underline or highlight the spelling words.

    • 15pts… Create a crossword puzzle using spelling words. Clues and an answer key must be included. Remember that a crossword puzzle is not the same as a word search. A word search will be scored as a new activity and will be awarded 10 pts instead of 15. If you are confused about the difference please ask me and I will explain it to you.  You may make a computer generated crossword puzzle (puzzlemaker.com etc.) and glue it in your notebook.
      15pts... Write a definition from a dictionary for each word.

      15pts... Write a sentence for each word.

    • 10pts... Separate the syllables for each word.

      10pts... Identify the part of speech (noun, verb, adverb...) for each word. 

      10pts… Find the words in newspapers or magazines and make a collage.

      10pts… Spelling triangles (see example).

      10pts ... Develop a new activity for the Spelling Contract. (You may not use the same "new" activity in consecutive weeks.)

      10pts…Write each word and a synonym for each word.  OR Write each word and an antonym.

  • 5pts... Make a set of flash cards to help study your words.

    5pts... List the spelling words in ABC order.

    5pts... Teacher assignment (at teacher's discretion).

Vocabulary Contract
The second week will focus on the meaning of each word.  You will complete activities A-D in the Wordly Wise book.  These activities will be due Friday morning.  The activities will be averaged together for a language arts homework grade for the week. I suggest that you do not wait until Thursday night to complete the activities.  Waiting until the last minute to complete an assignment is not wise.  You will take a vocabulary test on the words on Friday morning.

All spelling and vocabulary words should be spelled correctly on your homework or points will be taken off of your total score for every misspelled word.
Do not write or mark in the Wordly Wise book.


Activity Descriptions: 

**Follow these instructions….they may differ from the instructions in the book.
A: Finding Meanings- Write the letters in the correct order, then write the new sentences.


B: Just the Right Word- Write the new, corrected sentence with the study word underlined.


C: Applying Meanings-These can have multiple answers and you need to include all possible answers.  You only have to write the letters of your answer choices, not the sentences.


D: Word Study-These activities will vary with each lesson so be sure to read the directions carefully.  You onlyneed to write the words not the sentences.

 Important Reminders:

·       All assignments need to be written in cursive.

·       Points will be taken off for misspelled spelling/vocabulary words.

·       Do not write in Wordly Wise books.

·       Assignments must be in the Spelling/Vocabulary journal.  They need to be labeled properly and dated.

Late points will be deducted for assignments not turned in on time. Assignments not turned in by 8:05 Friday morning are considered late.