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Anna  Foster
4th Grade Teacher
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Field Trip  

More information will follow as we get closer to the fall field trip.




 Natural Science Center

 Camp Caraway


April 1st

Helpful Websites  

MathToon University game- Professor Duck Von Fly Golf Games- Place Value to 1000's....Higher and Lower Order the numbers. (You can also choose objects, words, fractions, or time)Ghost Blasters allows students to fire at ghosts that add up to a certain sum. The total sum is adjustable to larger numbers.

Parent Roadmaps for understanding Math Standards

ReadingInferencing/Drawing Conclusions/Context Clues/Predictions games:

Making Predictions (Digger the Dog)
Show what you know - Drawing Conclusions #1
Show what you know - Drawing Conclusions #2
Looking for the Fine Print game
What are they selling?
Cows Clues Game
Predictions Games
Parent Roadmaps for understanding English Language Arts Standards


1. Students are expected to read nightly for 20 minutes. Please write a summary sentence and have a parent or adult sign your reading log.

2. Study spelling words each night. Test will be given on Thursdays.

3. Practice math facts


Additional homework may be added such as math problem solving as the school year progresses.

Office Hours  

More information about the 2017-2018 Office Hours Program will be available soon!