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Accelerated Reader  

Reading is an extremely important skill.  Students must practice this skill not only during class, and guided reading instruction but independently as well. Below are the guidelines for AR and our nightly reading log.


                         Accelerated Reader Guidelines For Fifth Grade

The purpose of our Accelerated Reader program is primarily to encourage students to read a variety of books as well as to develop a love of reading.  A benefit  to this program is that the more they read, the better they make predictions, comprehend, and draw conclusions.  Reading also builds background knowledge which enhances every subject area.

In fifth grade, the student goal for each 9 week grading period is 25 points.  They have opportunities to read at school each day and each evening as a part of their homework.  They do not have to read extra in addition to their class/homework assignments; instead this is designed to work with those assignments that are already in place.  They can use the same book for their Reading Log and at the same time work towards their AR goal. They can take tests on our class read aloud books, and novels.   Students will receive a reading grade at the end of the 9 weeks based on the number of points they have received. (25-21= A, 20-16= B, 15-11=C, 10-6= D, 5-1= F)

Please understand that some students will focus only on getting points. However, an important component of the program is accuracy in answering. For a student to reach their goal, they also need to have at least a 77%/C accuracy average.  This average may increase each nine weeks, according to student ability levels. Another part of the program involves student reading levels.  These are individualized based on student performance in the classroom.  These levels are private and not to be discussed among classmates. The teachers will do our best to supervise which books the students choose, but please help us to monitor what they are reading at home.

Students have the opportunity to check out 2 books from the media center at a time. They will be allowed to visit the media center multiple times throughout the week.  With our updated AR program almost any book your student reads will have an AR test available.  If for some reason the book your child chooses does not have an AR test, students may still read the book and submit a summary of the book for points towards their goal.

A report of your students’ progress is available at any time.  Just contact your child’s teacher to request this information. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.


     Be sure that your child is also completing their reading log each night. I take these logs up for a grade each Friday. They should be reading 20 pages each day. For example they may read 10 pages at school and the other 10 pages at home. Be sure to ask your child about what they are reading. Remember you are signing your name saying that you know they have read and are providing honest work.

Burkholder Introduction  

         Hi, my name is Jodi Burkholder.  I teach fifth grade at Archdale Elementary School. This is my eigth year teaching at Archdale and I look forward to many more exciting years to come.  I love teaching here at Archdale because not only are we the BEST SCHOOL in North Carolina, but we have the BEST STUDENTS as well.

      I live with my husband Adam, our son Aiden, our daughter Kora, and our dog Boone.   When I am not in school I enjoy hiking, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. I love being out in nature and getting my hands dirty with some good science. I am also a proud member of the GEMS club here at school! 

    This school year our fifth graders will be learning so many new things. We have a newly updated curriculum in North Carolina and that has brought about several changes for our fifth graders. I am excited to watch these boys and girls learn and grow and rise up to meet the new challenges placed before them. Below you will find two links that will offer further explaination of these changes and how you can help support your child at home.  Our fifth graders even get to go on the 3 day Camp Caraway trip which is a big highlight to our year. 

      I am looking forward to a great year filled with wonderful students and memories. My door is always open so please feel free to stop by and see what we're up too, we love the extra help! :-)


Parent Road Map for Understanding the Math Common Core



Great Websites  

Here are some great websites you can visit:








In this section you will find websites that offer explanations of the various skills and concepts we learn in class. Sometimes we need to hear about a topic in many ways in order to understand. These sites will help you do that.


              (videos)                                         (free online textbooks)  


Weather Websites - below you will find links to different websites. You may click the pictures or the word links.


Web Weather for Kids                    
Weather WizKids
Predicting the Weather
Climate and Weather


Below is a link to our old 5th grade Wiki Spaces web page.  In it are several links to the different subjects we study in science.




Use these Links for center activities

Noun Activities


  You must have the book in order to utilize this website, you can check these out from our

                               school library in the non-fiction section.


Ireland Research Project


These Websites are great, safe ways to find information on a variety of topics!       

EasyCBM website



Students will be working in their Wordly Wise books this year. Each lesson will be studied for two weeks. My hope is that completing activities that require them to look more closely at the meaning of a word and how the word is used will allow them to increase their overall vocabulary. We will also be working towards using this knowledge to help enhance our writings.

In addition to their 15 spelling words I will be adding 4 science vocabulary words.  They are to define these words, write them 5 times each, write original sentences, and study them for their test as well.

You can go to the Wordly Wise 3000 website below for word lists, flascards, quizes, and games.


Below is a copy of the directions that are taped into their yellow W.W. notebooks.

  Wordly Wise Instructions


-         Each set of words lasts for 2 weeks

-         There will be a test at the end of each lesson.

-         Activities A-D are graded as one assignment

-         The 5 times each, Original Sentences, and Activity E are graded as one assignment.

-         For each lesson there will be a total of three grades, with the test being weighted more than the homework.

-         All vocabulary words should be spelled correctly or points will be taken off of your total score for every misspelled vocabulary word.


       A: Finding Meanings-

       -  Write the letters in the correct order, you do not have to re-write the


 B: Just the Right Word-

              - Write the new, corrected sentence with the vocabulary word underlined.

      C: Applying Meanings-

               - These can have multiple answers and you need to include all possible  


               - You only have to write the letters of your answer choices, not the sentences.

       D: Word Study-

                - These activities will vary with each lesson so be sure to read the directions


    - You only need to write the words not the sentences.

         E: Read the Story provided. Answer all 15 questions in complete sentences. This

           means you have to re-state the question in your answer.  You will use one

           vocabulary word in each answer. Each word is used only once.

        5 times each: write each vocabulary word 5 times each.

       Original Sentences: Use each one of your words to create a new sentence. Be sure to

                                             have complete sentences with correct punctuation.

Below is a chart of what each two weeks will involve:


 Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
 Activity A  Activity B  Activity C  Activity D  None
 5 times each  Activity E  Original Sentences  Study  Test