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Pam  Teator
Kindergarten Teacher, NBCT
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Field Trips  

We will be sharing information on all of our upcoming field trips as soon as we receive approval from the county office.

Teator Times  

Teator Times

Dear Parents, 

The children have been working hard to learn the rules and procedures in the transition to school.  We are proud of the growth and improvement we have already seen in our classroom.  Thank you for your help at home.

We are busy learning the alphabet letters and sounds.  This is very important!  Without a firm command of the alphabet letters, it will be very difficult for your child to learn to read.  Please take time to make sure your child is practicing his/her ABC letters if we have placed flashcards in your child's red folder or practice tracing the letters in the ABC book we send home.  We are learning the sounds of each alphabet letter and putting the sounds together to make words (and later--sentences).  We will be using this strategy  in Writer's Workshop when we begin writing stories.  Look for these important first steps in your child's work as classroom papers come home.  Please note the Kindergarten Wall Words (we call them Popcorn Words in class) that will be assessed each nine weeks.  You can find the list here on this website under Word Wall Words.  Your child will be bringing home a Popcorn Packet in the red folder to practice the words for homework. 

The behavior calendar stays in the red folder each day.  Please refer to this calendar for important dates at school and in our classroom.  Please take time to initial the calendar in your child's red folder and take out any papers your child brings home.  Thanks for your help in advance. 

Please take time to talk to your child about the importance of following classroom rules each day.  Listening on the group time rug is very important.  Because of the limited attention span of this age group, every minute is important and must be utilized to the fullest to meet our curriculum goals.  We will continue to discuss the importance of following the rules as we progress through the school year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at school or on email.  Thank you for your help, understanding, and patience during your child's transition to school.  I'm happy to have each child and I am working hard to make our classroom a productive and caring place for children.

Mrs. Teator

Upcoming Events  

Teator's Tips

If your child does not have a change of clothing in his/her cubby here at school, please send a set as soon as possible.  Accidents can and do occur in Kindergarten and this will prevent us from calling you at work or home.  Many thanks in advance!

Please check your child's folder and take out the papers.  This is the way we communicate between home and school. 

If your child is absent from school, please send a note with the reason for the office. 

Please remember that school begins at 7:55 each day.  If your child needs to eat breakfast, please drop your child off in time to eat before the bell rings.  Many thanks in advance.  Please remember, breakfast is free for all the children.

Study the Kindergarten Word Wall Words every night!  Your child needs to know how to recognize and spell these words correctly by the end of each nine weeks.  Thanks for your help in advance.


Upcoming Events 

Please remember we go outside every day (weather permitting).  Take a few minutes each day to listen to the weather so your child can dress accordingly.  This will help your child to be more comfortable on the playground. 


Picture Day is September 16th.   Please remember that all pictures must be prepaid in advance in order to receive a picture package.  Make sure you read the picture form sent home Friday, September 5th, for complete directions.

Fall begins on September 23rd.  We will be learning many new science words during our unit studies such as nocturnal, autumn, hibernation, and migration.  Hopefully your child will share these new terms as we discover the concepts. 

Word Wall Words  


These are the Kindergarten Wall Words (we call them Popcorn Words) that are being assessed each nine weeks.  Your child needs to recognize and begin to spell these words correctly. 


1st Nine Weeks             2nd Nine Weeks

 I                                        am

a                                        at

is                                       can

the                                     my

up                                      see

go                                       to

so                                       and

no                                       he

me                                      she

we                                        in

be                                        it


3rd Nine Weeks                           4th Nine Weeks

         do        did                                                                are 

                                  got       get                                                               come                                

         had        of                                                                for

          has        will                                                              have 

         his        you                                                                here

          look                                                                         him

           on                                                                            play