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4th Grade Home Resources

These are digital resources families may access during our closure to due to the COVID-19 crisis.




Kid Heroes Theme game

GetReal2 Randolph County Library (Lunch # and 1st 4 of birthdate)



HMH Textbook

Bar graph video for kids - This animated scholastic video teaches kids about bar graphs

Data game - This game allows children to collect and organize data. Students then create a bar graph/frequency table/line plot and then answer questions about the data. 

Multiplicative Comparison video #1

Learn Zillion- Multiplicative Comparison video #2

This interactive game allows students to create models that represent multiplicative comparison problems. 

Math Playground- You are trapped inside a board game designed by Professor X. Can you escape in time? Students must use their knowledge of factors to escape from Professor X's game board.

Prime & Composite Numbers game- This game helps students distinguish between prime and composite numbers. 

Math Playground- Simple addition/subtraction multi-step word problems tied in with basketball. 

Number Detective: Students will build numbers using the hints given. 

Place Value Hockey: Students practice place value forms with a fun educational game. 

Subtraction algorithm game 

Multi-step word problem game 

Multiply using the area model song   

Area and perimeter game with fixed and varying lengths 

Real world area and perimeter game- Students must use area and perimeter to design their backyard. (Must set up a free account with this site.) 

Interpreting remainders word problem game 

Soccer game with division with remainder questions. This is a partner or two player game. 

Equivalent fraction bingo 

Find Grampy - equivalence on a number line 

Comparison Shoot-out 

Team Fractions - Comparing fractions 

Converting mixed and improper fractions 

Mixed and improper sling shot 

Converting mixed and improper fractions 

Mixed and improper sling shot 


Social Studies


AIG Activities