Bell Schedule
Car and Bus

7:30 - 7:55 am- Morning Arrival

Beginning at 7:30. students begin arriving on campus. 

  • Car Rider Procedures:  
    • Students may be dropped off at our car rider line beginning at 7:30 am.
    • As you know, our handbook states morning and afternoon traffic should enter White Drive via Main Street, instead of via Archdale Road. This helps speed the flow of traffic, especially in the mornings.
    • If it is necessary for you to park off-campus in order to drop your child off, please walk your child all the way to the sidewalk as opposed to sending him/her across the flow of traffic alone.
    • Please make sure your child is ready to exit the car as quickly as possible. If you need more time, please park and walk your child to the sidewalk; again, this helps speed the flow of traffic.
  • Breakfast Procedures:
    • Breakfast is served to all students from 7:30-7:55.
    • In order to avoid tardies, our cafeteria will stop serving breakfast at 7:50.
  • Our day begins at 7:55.
    • In order to avoid being marked tardy, students should be in class at 7:55.
    • If you are bringing your child to school after 7:55, please walk with them into the office in order to sign them in and get a tardy slip.

2:45- Afternoon Dismissal

  • Car Rider Procedures:  
    • There are now 9 car rider stations; please pull forward to the first available station.
      • There are safety patrols and staff members at the cones to ensure the safety of our students.
      • Please encourage your child to walk to the station once their names are called over the speaker.
    • Afternoon traffic should enter White Drive via Main Street, instead of via Archdale Road.
    • Each car needs to have a school-issued sign with their child's name and class on display in the window.  If there is no sign, you will be asked to go to the office to have your credentials verified prior to picking up your child.  This is for the safety of all of our children.  
  • Bus Rider Procedures:
    • Bus riders will load in front of the daycare shelter. Any students riding the second load of a bus will wait at the daycare shelter.
  • Day Care Rider Procedures:
    • Day Care riders will be escorted to the daycare shelter in front of the office building.
Afternoon Dismissal