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You don't have to go fast...just go far!
You don't have to go fast...just go far!


Club Agenda

  • Meeting Location:  Music/Art Room
  • Days:  Mondays and Thursdays
  • Time:  2:45 pm (promptly after the 1st afternoon bell)
  • What you will need:  Running clothes and shoes, Water
  • Pickup Time/Location:  3:45 pm in front of the school (Daycare/Van Pickup)

GO FAR (GO OUT FOR A RUN®) is an 8- to 10-week comprehensive fitness program designed to teach children of all abilities about healthy eating, goal setting, and how to train to walk/run a 5K. GO FAR was created in an attempt to fight the childhood obesity epidemic while teaching kids that active lifestyles can be sustained throughout their lives.

Contact Mr. Weavil & Mrs. Johnson for more information  336.431.9121